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Whether it be study breaks, first dates, or a chance to reconnect and catch up with friends, Bobaboba aims to create a place of warmth and happiness, where everyone is welcome from all walks of life. Built on values of family and belonging, we want to share that love and connection with every customer that steps foot in the door. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong no matter their background or beliefs and Bobaboba bridges those gaps of disconnect.

From the moment you enter Bobaboba, you immediately become a part of our fun and loving fam.

Why Drink Bobaboba?


Having entered the boba market in 2020, we have put in years of work to establish our point of difference and make it known that Bobaboba is passionate about great tasting boba without compromising quality. Our commitment to sourcing fresh and local ingredients ensures our tea is premium and to the highest quality, setting us apart from our competitors.

No one knows boba like we do.

Premium Tea


The Bobaboba difference is our commitment to sourcing fresh and local ingredients to ensure our tea is premium and to the highest quality. From farm to tea, we have control over our entire tea sourcing process which helps us to ensure we’re offering the highest quality tea. Not only are we passionate about what we use for our ingredients, we love engaging with everyone involved along the way; tea farmers, families and suppliers.

Bobaboba Catering


Spreading love one boba at a time.

Love boba so much that you are looking to have boba catered at your next event?

No occasion is too small or too big for our Bobaboba fam. With the help of our Boba fairy, we will work closely with you to make your boba dreams come true. Whether it is catering a Birthday party, celebrating the team’s last game of the season or having Bobaboba at your 20th anniversary, we want to be part of your special day, no matter what you are celebrating.

Have your own Bobaboba Store


Be a part of a family

Join a family of fun and creative individuals who help each other reach their full potential with full training and support provided. 

Evolve and grow

Come along on our journey of growth and evolution as we look onwards for the next exciting step in the business, locally and globally.

Be your own boss

Fulfilling, rewarding and flexible. Work the hours you want and lead your own team. Enjoy the benefits of being a Bobaboba boss.