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Got Questions?


What’s the difference between Boba and Bubble Tea?

They are both the same delicious drink that we all know and love, simply just with a different name!

Do you use real tea?

We certainly do! As we pride ourselves in only delivering the highest quality tea with the freshest ingredients we use real tea leaves sourced from all around Asia in our Bobaboba drinks.

Can I choose which milk goes into my Boba?

The milk in Bobaboba’s drinks have been specifically chosen by our Bobaristas to ensure you receive the highest quality drink with every visit. If you are looking to try something different, you can find a little legend on all our menus which will help you figure out which drinks do have the option for you to choose a milk alternative.

Are your toppings Gluten free?

Yes! All our toppings are Gluten free including our fresh boba. That means you can add as many toppings as you like when customising your favourite drink at Bobaboba.

Are your jellies halal?

Yes, our jellies are halal. Make sure you read our full allergen list so that you know exactly what we are able to cater towards.

Are your jellies vegan friendly?

They certainly are! If you would like to learn more about our drinks and toppings be sure to check out Bobaboba’s allergen list 

Are you on any delivery apps?

We know that Bobaboba cravings can come out of nowhere, so we’re happy to say that you can have your drinks ordered and delivered straight to your door via UberEats.

Are you accepting reusable cups?

We sure are! If you are using a reusable cup at Bobaboba, be sure to leave it with our Bobarista when placing your order with us at the counter.

Can I use any reusable cup brand at Bobaboba?

You are more than welcome to bring your own reusable cup to Bobaboba, but please keep in mind, we can only take 50c off your drink when using a reusable Bobaboba branded cup.

Is there a discount if I bring a reusable cup to Bobaboba?

Absolutely! When you use your reusable Bobaboba branded cup in store we will take 50c off your drink! Enjoy a small token on us whilst knowing you are doing your part to keep the environment clean.

Please note: Discount is not valid for our Boba Bottles.

Is there an option to select my reusable cup when placing an order online?

Unfortunately no. As our Bobaristas will need your reusable cup to make your order prior to you picking it up, we unfortunately can not offer this as an option at this moment in time.

Do you have surcharges for public holidays?

Boba should be enjoyed any day of the week, so to cover the costs of our super hard working Bobaboba fam and to keep serving you your favourite boba, there is a 15% surcharge to all purchases on public holidays.

What safety measure do you have in place to protect your staff and the rest of the community from any potential spread of COVID-19?

We take COVID-19 very seriously and not only our customers, but also our staff’s wellbeing is extremely important to us. In accordance with the most current COVID-19 safety guidelines, we may require our customers to wear a mask when entering the Bobaboba store. Our Bobaristas may also be fully masked when making your drinks, taking your order at the counter and/or walking about the Bobaboba store. A table can also be found set up next to the entrance with hand sanitiser for the convenience of our customers.

Please look out for notices in store and announcements via our social media platforms to keep up to date with Bobaboba’s safety measures.



Can I join the Bobaboba fam?

As we continue to expand, we are always in need of fun and enthusiastic Bobaristas to join our crazy Bobaboba fam. Make sure to jump onto our Join the Team page to find out more!

What is the recruitment process for store-based roles?

Once you have filled out your application and we have received it, we will do a reference check and give you a buzz to do an interview by phone if you are the right candidate. From here, you may progress to the next stage which entails an interview in person. Upon a successful interview, you will be offered a trial at Bobaboba from where you will be onboarded and then presented with a letter of offer.

What does Bobaboba look for?

We’re a little goofy, don’t take life too seriously and are boba obsessed. When we expand our family, we are looking for other hardworking and reliable team players who love boba just as much as we do.

What positions do you have available?

At Bobaboba we have casual, part-time and full-time positions available. Jump onto Join the Team to check out all the positions available and make sure you apply to the role that best suits you!

What hours would I have to work?

The hours that you will be expected to work will vary depending on your shift. Shifts can range from 4 – 8 hours, with Bobaboba open 7 days a week from 11am – 9:30pm and even until 10pm on Friday & Saturday.

I have been invited to an interview – what should I expect?

If you have progressed to the next stage and have been asked to come in for an interview in person, you will be meeting with Bobaboba’s HR Manager and be asked a series of questions about possible scenarios during your interview.

What do we do with your information we collect?

The sensitive information we receive from you is only used for tax and payment purposes. We load you into our system which lets the ATO know you are now part of the Bobaboba team! Likewise, we only store information in regards to your superannuation and bank details for the sole purpose of making payments into your account. So don’t stress! Your information is safe with us.

Minimum age requirements
The minimum age of employment differs across Australia, because each State/Territory has its own legislative rules. The minimum age requirement at Bobaboba adheres to the rules as stated on Fairwork. Click here to find out more information.
Is there career progression available?

Absolutely – We find joy in seeing our community grow and flourish into great things. With that said, there is opportunity to progress from a casual position to part-time and part-time to full-time. You may even find yourself becoming a team leader, progress to Store Manager and from there, to a specialised Managerial position.



Does Bobaboba offer catering for events?

We sure do! It’s not a party without Bobaboba. Whether you are looking to brighten up your next work event, celebrating a 30th or having a gender reveal (only to find out you’ve got a belly full of boba), we want to cater your special day. Pop over to the Catering page to find out how Bobaboba can cater your next event.

Can Bobaboba cater towards food allergies or dietary requirements?

If you can please click here to refer to our allergen list, this will help you better understand what Bobaboba can and cannot cater towards.

Do you offer delivery or is it pick-up only?

At this moment in time, catering orders are pick-up only. Consider bringing a friend or organising for someone to come help you collect your order. 



Can I have my own Bobaboba store?

With the aim of uniting individuals around the globe, we are always looking to connect with more passionate and wacky boba loving people to be part of the Bobaboba brand. Head on over to our Franchise page to see how you can own your own Bobaboba store.

Do you have any stores outside of Australia?

We’re an ambitious bunch with a burning fire for reaching communities domestically and internationally. You’ll never see us remaining stagnant because we just can’t sit still. There may be a time where you’ll see a Bobaboba store outside of Australia, but at this moment in time we are focusing our love and attention on Western Australia.